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Traci J. Macnamara began writing for publication in 2002 when she lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worked at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as a writing instructor. She pitched an idea about vintage scooter culture to the local Springs Magazine and was then hired to write business reviews and features for the publication. Her first national magazine article, "Couch Surfing Got You Floored?" was published during this timeframe in SG (Surfer Girl). Check out a few select articles archived from this timeframe here:

"Eden and the Underworld." A Leaky Tent is a Piece of Paradise: 20 Young Writers on Finding a Place in the Natural World, ed. Bonnie Tsui. Sierra Club Books, 2007. 

"Health Tips: Beat Winter Blues," Backpacker, 31 January 2006. 

O Vegan Attack Vessel.” A review of The Whale Warriors: The Battle at the Bottom of the World to Save the World’s Largest Mammals by Peter Heller, Sacramento News & Review, 22 November 2007. 

Bark Freedom.” A review of Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote, Sacramento News & Review, 18 October 2007. 

"Chasing Winter." A Field Report in the Patagonia catalog, Winter 2005. 

Review of Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu by Laurence Bergreen. Contemporary Literature, November 2007.  

Archiving in process for older articles...

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